RCI Facebook App Icons

The hits just keep coming with the RCI Facebook Application trophy designs. They aren't real trophies, just internet ones.

Last season was award season in the creative world, and I recently found out that one of my projects earned a silver medal at the 2011 New Jersey Advertising Club Awards, also know as “the Jersey Awards.” After perusing the site, I couldn’t tell you what category this won in, but I can tell you about the project…

RCI is one of our clients at NFIDM who keep us the busiest. I am sure later there will be a post about all of the projects we have created for this brand, but here is a quick look at just one of the elements of the RCI Facebook App: specifically the award-winning element. The RCI Facebook App allows a user to plan and record RCI vacations in their Facebook account, attaching media items to each trip and, among other things, earn app-specific awards based on certain behaviors.

For instance, if you as a user post a certain number of media items attached to a trip you took, like photos of the Grand Canyon, you would earn “The Shutterbug.” Posting many comments or discussions on friends’ trips would earn you “The Chatterbox,” and so on. Rather than design one trophy with different text on the base per award name, we gave each prize a personality of its own.

We will likely add more trophies down the road as the application expands. Here are the original sketches for the first two awards we created: The Chatterbox and The Nomad.

I don’t often illustrate series of items like this, so it was an interesting experience to walk through, making sure the icons had consistent style, line weight and color values. The whimsical nature  and fun execution of these awards set them apart, and I am pleased to have them recognized.

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